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PIMCO® is a Vertically Integrated artificial synthetic grass company trademarked througout Ireland UK & Europe. and supplies the most modern synthetic grass, ornamental, botanical landscaping products. We Design / Supply / Install / Export / Import / Construct / Deliver. We support the shortest lead time for delivery or installation nationwide throughout the UK and Ireland


PIMCO® artificial grass products are beautiful, Resilient, Safe & Lead Free. Our products last for years and can withstand any level of foot traffic, can tolerate any weather condition. We have the widest range of synthetic grass products available on the market, making our products perfect for any landscaping projects pets, business commercial, interior design, sports, and of course putting, golf, tennis and football. We take pride in our products, all our synthetic grass and botanical products come with a 7-10-year warrantee when Installed by our own certified installation teams.


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Our artificial grass is the ultimate alternative to real grass lawns giving you a soft, resilient weatherproof surface for your garden, office, putting-golf-course, pets, hotels or decking areas, ensuring it will last for years. We design, develop supply Install unique world-class high-quality artificial grass and artificial products that cannot be beaten on price or quality anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Our grass oozes volumes in Quality!


PIMCO PETS – Our grass for PETS is designed through rigorous quality factors. Pet Friendly infused with Anti-Bacterial and Mildew Applications to keep odors away, stain free. This grass is specifically produced for Pets and residential use, trust us when we say pets don’t just love it, they adore it!











With over 12 Different products for every occasion, 34 different Pile heights & Colors  it’s hard to choose. Our grass doesn’t just look real! Its SUPER soft to the touch. In fabrication each blade is perfectly cut, then continually rolled and stretched to strengthen each synthetic yarn, until each fibre is as thin and elegant as natural grass. After the blades are treated with advanced UV resistant technology, we go through a rigorous tuft binding process that injects these blades into environmentally friendly backing. This grass backing can resist thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch, the strongest backing in the industry.


All PIMCO® products are certified lead-free so that you can safely enjoy our turf for years to come! our products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems guidelines and  ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems for social compliance factory assessments which supports our quality, our brand, Trademarked through PIMCO®



To make a positive difference in businesses for our customers through the best possible customer service and quality of product. PIMCO® is our reputation. The growth of our company is the essence of our foundation, these are exciting times, we have a vision, we see vision, we have to nurture our brand, be inspired by our brand selection. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved, it takes client service world-class quality and value. PIMCO® are the philosopher of superior customer service. But it doesn't stop there! We continue to work on improving our products and customer service efforts daily to give customers the best compelling experience possible.


To be the trend-setting supplier as a trademarked global brand, ensuring the best quality and fast production. We create more than grass; we create satisfaction for all our clients. We are always ready to develop new flooring and landscaping solutions that make a difference in providing unconditional and unlimited customer satisfaction for Artificial-Sustainability. PIMCO® is intrigued with natural grass and we are always looking at how we can learn from nature in our quest to be able to offer the most natural-looking and life-like greener grass systems. Therefore, color, fibre shape, fibre width and fibre combinations are an important mix. The ultimate goal is to develop artificial grass that has the look and feel of natural grass but outperforms its natural source of inspiration. “Green” is a premium goal in our quest on how we can make our artificial grass more sustainable. This starts at the beginning of the process, with the careful selection of the raw materials that are used to produce the grass blades.


PIMCO® together with its supplying partners in USA EUROPE & ASIA  have developed a new manufacturing technique. Through this unique design process, we have made it possible to use the materials from the same product family; that is polypropylene and polyethene. As a consequence, the components of synthetic turf, the backing as well as the fibers can be made of the same environmentally friendly material making synthetic grass 100% recyclable. This new technique offers many additional advantages compared to the conventional method of producing. This green solution eco-friendly artificial grass is called PIMCO® Soft Velvet” With a pile depth 30mm to 40mm, PIMCO® “Rolling-Ruby” & SNAP-GRASS not only looks attractive, but it also feels wonderful – super-soft and springy fantastic.


Nationwide, Between the UK and Ireland, nearly 9 BILLION gallons of water are being used a day for lawn maintenance, with PIMCO® Artificial grass we aim to lower that number.


Our synthetic grass looks and feels like real grass and is built to last. We believe in it so much we have a 7-10 year warranty for it.


All PIMCO® artificial grass products are built to be safe and are guaranteed to be lead-free making it great for your family and pets.



Take a browse through our products. You will be amazed by the quality!



You can buy online or speak with a team for a more detailed discussion. We Deliver / Install / Design / Remodel & Construct Your Garden! All our Installation teams are Certified "LANTRA APPROVED FITTERS"


LANTRA Construction Training | CITP



If you decide to Install your grass yourself, then we will deliver your products and support you with all the necessary installation materials! Plus a Free Installation Brochure on how to Install your grass.



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