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PIMCO® Lily Gold 25mm

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This 25mm &30mm is one of our original products from the Westminster family of grasses.


This version offers fantastically realistic, soft colored fibers, but we have now added a P.U or P.P. backing making it perfect for the litllechaps with four legs!


This is the ultimate ingreen-eco PG Cool yarn technologygrasshas excellent recovery of the grass fibers makes our Lilly-Gold artificial grass a great choice if you have children and Animals. It also offersuntoldresilience to lots of foot-traffic: Most of all the Westminster family Synthetic grasses hold Anti-Bacterial and Antimildew agents in all their products, Hence longer beatification for no extra price. A superb product out on its own with world class PIMCO Reputation.


  • Two shades of green with a realistic brown Sub-pile root effect
  • P.U& PP backing to reduce urine absorption
  • Quality Assurance and E.U. manufactured product
  • C Body shape monofilaments with diamond fibers
  • 30mm with a 2mm base
  • Toxin free
  • UV resistant
  • Suitable for any climate
  • Nonflammable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Permeability – 100 litres per m⊃2; in 1 minute

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