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PIMCO® Laurel 25mm

£12.25 £13.00

Brand: Pimco - Laurel

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Fitting Accessories

Laurel Cool Yarn comes in three pile heights 25mm 27mm and 29mm and is perfect for those who prefer a shorter option. It offers a neat but natural look and is extremely easy to maintain. 

Natural appearance. C-shape design. Highly durable, fit for heavy traffic. Lead and heavy metal-free, safe for children and pets

Pile height: 25mm 27mm & 29mm

Stitch rate: 160s/m

DTEX: 10,800


Product Description:


  • Laurel 2527&29mm contains a classic look that is perfect for low-traffic landscapes.
  • This synthetic turf is soft with a very organic complexion, and has been made for those looking for a natural looking grass at an affordable price
  • PIMCO Tuff-Lawn Designs & Installs artificial grassthrough out the UK Europe and Ireland


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