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PIMCO® Artificial / Plants / Trees & Wallflowers




You've heard the saying "This is a hidden “Gem"

Well, you have found it.


Do you dream of an indoor/outdoor oasis where you can retreat after a long day? Enhance the beauty of your home with some artificial trees that look incredibly lifelike. Inspired by nature and assembled in the UK & Oceania by horticulturists from high-quality materials, you can relax knowing that all our products are incredibly realistic.     

Pimco have one of the largest Collection of Contemporary Artificial Plants / Trees / Flowers & Wall flowers this side of Europe.


The Quality and aesthetical beautification of these products are shear beatification to say the least. Our range of artificial plants for every room in your home. Artificial Plants are perfect for those who want to add a lush touch, without the tricky upkeep. With artificial indoor plants in a range of sizes, from tall potted and hanging plants to small succulents to decorate your desk or mantelpiece, find the perfect faux plants to suit your space Indoors & Outdoors.


These low-maintenance Artificial plant options make the perfect partners to our selection of plant pots and planters, too the biggest artificial Palms In the UK & Ireland. 


Decorate with nature’s most treasured adornments, the inherent and undeniable beauty of the plant world! There are so many ways to beautify your living area for a better environment in the place you cherish the most. Whether you want an abundant display of colorful flowers and blossoms or a simpler assortment of green foliage, it's all here in this collection. Evergreen pines, floral trays, bamboo bushes Interior Design Trends is Becoming a Norm - Plants /  Bushes /  Cactus / Ferns / Pampas Grass / Hedges / Potho Plant /  Sansevieria Plants / Hanging Plants / Plants with Decorative Planters / Desk Plants / Flowering Plants / Floor Plants / Ledge Plants / Wall Flowers / Hydrangeas and tropical palms are some of many parts of the short and tall floor-ready family of products.

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