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PIMCO Artificial Grass Company warrants the customer that under normal conditions, the products will sustain their UV sustainability and tensile strength during the applications warranty period. The warranty will apply from original purchase date under normal conditions covering material replacement during the first Four years. Then pro-rata amount equal to 10% of the purchase value for years 5-15.For purposes of warranty, a product whose original tensile strength does not decrease by more than 50% will be judged to have sustained it UV stability and tensile strength. PIMCO will repair or replace at our total discretion necessary to repair any defect, the product which is determined by PIMCO not complying with the above warranty.



This warranty shall only provide coverage to products Installed by PIMCO-AGL and used for the purpose of landscape purposes, not sports, and not any other purpose, including through inadequate subbases being used, and through improper usage of the product by the customer.



PIMCO does not warrant against normal wear and tear of the product. PIMCO ’s entire liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price for the defective products and liability will not be assumed for any consequential damage, loss or expense.



The customer may not transfer, convey or otherwise assign all or any of its rights under this warranty without PIMCO ’s written consent.



​Claims under this Warranty must be tendered in writing to us within 30 days after discovery of the alleged defect along with original invoice confirming details and a minimum of 3 clear pictures showing the problem to PIMCO through the website or email  


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