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Our high-quality synthetic lawn can be used on almost any surface. Existing lawn replacements, concrete, pavers, tiles, timber decking, asphalt, balcony and roof tops are just some of the examples.

We cover the full footprint of UK. Ireland and Europe, you can order online or simply ring our hotlines to ask questions, we can come to measure up and show you samples or simply order with our representative on the phone.

Our landscaping grass is truly maintenance free; you just need to remove debris and leaves to maintain and enjoy a beautiful garden for many years. Cleaning can be achieved with a brush or leaf blower. You never need to water, mow or roll, your garden just sits there and serves you!

Yes. All our Synthetic grass products are porous, holes in the backing allow free draining.

Yes, we have surfaces that differ in pile height. The taller the pile the softer the lawn or you may choose a short pile surface for ball games. We also have surfaces with a soft, smooth feel that do not burn the children if they slide. Tufted surfaces are ideal for children as the turf acts like a shock pad which cushions a child’s fall.

Yes! The grass is made from only safe materials without the use of any heavy metals. The grass has a strong latex backing making it suitable for even larger dogs. We also lightly sand the surface after the installation to cover the backing and add further protection.

Artificial grass in intensively used sporting areas will last approximately 10 years. Up to twice this can be expected in a leisure environment.

No, all our grasses are completely UV stable and made and tested through strict compliance of Quality ISO9001 and Environmentally Friendly ISO14001.

Our products are made in UK. USA. Russia. Europe and Malaysia. To offer our clients a large variety of quality products, we work with both local and international suppliers. We are extremely confident in the products we offer and have firsthand experienced and inspected the manufacturers and their factories. We pride ourselves in complete transparency of our products and where they are manufactured, so please ask our installations manager about the various samples during your appointment. 

All products we offer and undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with international safety and environmental standards. You can be sure there will be no formaldehyde, no lead and no heavy metal components in your products.

Yes, our grass is backed by a 7-10-year manufacturer’s warranty depending on product and Installation. On top of that, we include a 1-year workmanship warranty and fix your grass for free during this timeframe if you’re not happy with the installation.

The person who will meet you to measure the area and prepare a quote is either the director of the company keith or Geoff, or one of our installation supervisors. We do not employ salespeople and do not work on commission; therefore, our quotes are honest and accurate.

No, of course not, we are against pressure sales and give you as much time as you need to think about your quote. Once you are ready to go ahead, we require a deposit (To Be agreed) on most jobs, depending on the circumstances.

After you receive and accept your quote, we can generally fit you in within the next two weeks to one month. November and December is generally very busy, so if you need your lawn done before Christmas, we advise that you contact us early as waiting times can be longer.

You can make payments via direct deposit, cheque or over the phone (Visa and Mastercard). 


Your deposit is due one week before installation upon acceptance of our quote. The balance is due immediately upon completion of the installation.

Unfortunately, we require the full payment immediately upon completion of the work. We have had bad experiences in the past and as a small business we rely on on-time payments for our cash flow and operations. If you have trouble paying after completion of the installation, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid further charges and legal actions.

This depends on many factors including the size of the area needing to be covered and the access to the site. Small jobs can be completed within a day.Medium sized projects can take 2-4 days. it is worth consdiering synthetic grass needs a permanent edge to run into, so construction timelines depend of size and edging prefered.

For self-installation you may download our Installation brochure free of charge: if you are having PIMCO to install your lawn please ensure that the area is easily accessible for our team. If you have pets, you need to keep them outside the area that our team is working in.

No, as long as the area is accessible you don’t need to be around. 

Our team usually starts around 7am, but we confirm a time with you a day or two in advance. 

Some installations can still be completed in wet weather; however, we always reserve the right to re-schedule if we need to. projects where grass is installed directly over concrete or pavers using glue need to be completely dry. 

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