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PIMCO have a reputation for leading the way, when it comes to sustainable practices and protecting the environment. That’s one reason synthetic grass has become the go-to alternative for residential and commercial landscapes – it’s better-looking, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly.


PIMCO makes some key points about the environmental benefits of Synthetic Grass: Water conservation. Replacing just one square foot of real grass with artificial turf saves 55 gallons per year – imagine the amount one homeowner can conserve by replacing an average lawn! Nationwide, it adds up to billions of gallons, every day. Elimination of toxic pesticides and fertilizers that harm humans and animals as well as the environment.


Reduction of air pollution caused by noxious emissions. Say goodbye to that temperamental mower, your edger, leaf blower, and the rest of your lawn maintenance fleet. Did you know that a typical riding mower emits as much pollution in one hour as 34 cars? A push-type gas mower emits the equivalent of 11 cars.


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits

Water conservation remains #1 here in UK & Ireland, despite recent rains. We’ve learned we can get along nicely with less water – especially if we take significant steps such as replacing thirsty lawns with fake grass. We can do our part without sacrificing enjoyment or the beauty of our home’s surroundings. Even animals love synthetic grass (and it loves them back) Synthetic grass helps the environment beyond saving water and reducing pollution.


Environmental cooling

When you cover your deck, patio, balcony, or roof with artificial grass, you’re reducing hot, reflective surface area that over-heats our urban and suburban neighbourhoods.


Energy conservation

Maintaining a live lawn is a pain. The minute you finish applying chemicals, watering, mowing, raking, edging, etc., you have to start all over again. Your lawn repays you for all that effort with uneven color, stubborn weeds, and dead patches. Your dog adds unsightly scratched-up holes and “potty spots.” With artificial grass, you can enjoy your yard without expending all that unnecessary energy and frustration.


Visual improvement

Let’s not forget the fact that what we see around us dramatically affects our attitude and appreciation for outdoor spaces. Artificial grass always looks lush, cool, and inviting, no matter the weather. That’s an environmental lift we can enjoy every time we look around.


It’s important to note that “artificial grass” is not a single product but an entire array of varieties, just as with real grass. There’s an artificial grass specifically created for everything from putting greens to play areas, each with an ideal look and functional features. Nonetheless, the environmental benefits of installing artificial grass – whatever variety you choose – are universal.


Even better, all the factors that help the environment also provide health and safety benefits for your family – both humans and four-legged companions. And on top of all that, Synthetic grass gives your everyday lifestyle a big boost, too – no muss, no fuss, less expense, more playtime.      /      /

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