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Maintaining Your Artificial Turf (Grass, Lawn)

The beauty of artificial turf (or ‘grass’ or ‘lawn’) is that it’s very low maintenance. However, like all things in life, artificial turf benefits from a bit of TLC every now and again to keep it looking its best. At PIMCO AGL, we offer artificial grass maintenance services to suit your needs.

Our quality synthetic grasses has been designed and manufactured to last for years and require minimal maintenance. For example, water (and other liquids) will drain away, and the materials are resistant to tears, lifting, and stains. For low-traffic residential applications, hardly any maintenance is required. Apart from maybe raking a few leaves before a family BBQ or hosing it down after a dog takes a leak, the grass practically takes care of itself. However, if your artificial turf sees a lot of foot traffic, is constantly rained on, or is located near sand, it may benefit from regular maintenance.


Maintenance for high-use artificial turf

If your Artificial Grass sees a lot of foot traffic it can deteriorate faster than grass in low-use areas. In high-use areas, regular maintenance can increase the life of the turf and keep it safe for use (e.g. from slips and falls). Examples of high-use areas include:


  1. Playgrounds (school, childcare, and public parks)
  2. Sporting fields
  3. Mini golf courses.

As a rule, we’d recommend that high-use artificial grass areas be maintained and cleaned approximately every 6-12 months.


PIMCO Undertake maintenance packages. We offer expert maintenance packages for artificial grass at very reasonable prices. We can rejuvenate your lawn to make it look great and be safer to use. As part of our artificial turf maintenance package, we will:


  1. Treat your grass to remove algae, moss and weeds (this reduces slips and falls)
  2. Check and correct any base subsidence (sinking areas) to ensure a smooth, even surface
  3. join and repair areas where the grass has come away and the seams are no longer flush
  4. remove excessive sand (perfect if your turf is near a sandpit in a playground or a sand trap on a mini golf course).
  5. Brush and groom the turf to lift flattened pile and restore the look of your lawn.
  6. We can also advise you on how best to deal with high-traffic areas, as well as any rips or tears. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your artificial lawn and extend its life as much as possible to protect your investment.

PIMCO AGL delivers unmatched levels of professionalism and results for every job.


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