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PIMCO Artificial Grass Features & Benefits ?

Find out why PIMCO Artificial Grass is not just your average artificial grass provider and our focus on quality life-like grass that is built to last.

Industry Leading

We are happy to match any written quote. If you can find the same flooring product at a lower price, we’ll beat it. (excludes installation, underlay and other extras)

10 Year Warranty

PIMCO Artificial Grass is so confident in the product range that we now provide a 10-year warranty on all our landscape and sporting products. PIMCO Artificial Grass has the ability to increase the synthetic grass warranty from 7 years to 10 years, as PIMCO Artificial Grass has now been around for nearly 10 years and can see the very first installations are still holding strong. This should give you confidence to buy PIMCO Artificial Grass knowing you are backed by this long-term warranty

Realistic & Affordable Synthetic Grass

With PIMCO Artificial Grass , you can rest assured that you are getting the most realistic and affordable synthetic grass available on the market. Our synthetic grass range provides the perfect artificial surface for your needs, whether it is for your home, institution, sporting or public space. Request a sample from our product range and we will send to your address so you can look for yourself.

Customer Service

PIMCO Artificial Grass stands by the fact that we are number 1 in customer service throughout the synthetic grass industry. Someone at PIMCO Artificial Grass will respond to any online enquiry relating to synthetic or artificial grass within 1 business day. All phone enquiries will be handled on the spot where possible or will be followed up in a quick manner. The staff at PIMCO Artificial Grass always go above and beyond to get results for our customers. Please test us out, we will be happy to help!

Stock Availability

PIMCO Artificial Grass understands how annoying it is to pick out a synthetic grass you like then only to find it is out of stock or delivery will take a long time to get to you. This is why PIMCO Artificial Grass stocks over 50,000m2 of various grass styles so you are not caught out halfway through a landscaping job. It’s also Important to understand PIMCO artificial Grass supply all necessary accessories for you to fit your grass, Adhesives Nails Batons formwork shock pads Sand, so when you receive your delivery everything required related to the fitting of your grass can be supplied.


Efficient Delivery Times

To compliment this stock availability, PIMCO Artificial Grass makes it a priority that when an order is placed, we dispatch the order as soon as possible. If you need synthetic grass in a hurry, PIMCO Artificial Grass can help you out!

At Your Convenience

We know life is busy, and sometimes making sure your home at a certain time of the day is really inconvenient. We’ll arrange a measure & quote time to fit around your schedule.

Quality & Environmentally Assured

High Quality in both installations and also product for commercial, sporting or residential is always of most importance for PIMCO Artificial Grass, all our grass has met stringent quality applications through ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 . You can have confidence in this by checking our previous projects, reading testimonials or requesting some free samples of our products.

Complete Grass Flooring Solution

We provide the best service to you from start to finish. We come to you, help you find the perfect flooring, undertake surface preparation and install your flooring. PIMCO AGL delivers unmatched levels of professionalism and results for every job.

Call today! For a free no-obligation quote for Artificial Grass: Landscape Design: Architecture & Construction Supply Delivery Installation Design Self-Installation.

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