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PIMCO® Recreational

View our range of premium Artificial Grass for Residential / Domestic / Commercial / Gyms / Hotels / Botanical / landscaping / Golf / Putting Greens & Leisure.

As this product range is available in various widths (1.2 4 & 5-meter widths) and multiple pile heights, we have the perfect product for every job. All our Premium Synthetic Grasses come in a range of 3 - 4 different pile heights and with more than 900 Rolls of Synthetic grass in stock including all accessories

PIMCO quality grass range will transform any outdoor or indoor space. Most importantly, allowing your customers to take synthetic grass to places where traditional grass simply cannot take root. In addition, as this product range is made from high quality material, it is suitable not only for landscaping, but also for use on balconies, rooftop gardens & on walls. It is also ideal for largescale settings such as golf clubs, schools, sportsgrounds & playgrounds.



PImco Artificial Grass Is Child Safe - Environmentally Friendly - Durable & We Provide Easy Maintenance on all Installations.


Delivery: Our fast same-day shipping ensures that your order will arrive on time with no delays. Free delivery Service on over 48-SQM Purchased.

Shock-Pad: Take a look at using Pimco Shockpad to add enhance softness feeling when walking on the grass.

Installation: Installation Service available Nationwide and international (UK - Europe)

Price Match & Warranty: We Guarantee no other Artificial Grass Outlet in the UK -Ireland can match our prices on our synthetic grass range for Quality & Price "Guaranteed"


Install your grass yourself: We also offer a Free Consultant Service & Project Management Service (PMS) on all Installations. Press This Link for details. 


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