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How often do you think about the grass that your dog plays and lives on during its time outside? A traditional grass lawn in the UK requires the homeowner to water it, trim it, weed it, mow it, hedge it, backfill freshly dug holes, not to mention clean up mud and dirt that gets tracked everywhere by little paws. With our synthetic pet grasses from PIMCO you will never have to think about it again!

Our artificial Pets Grass is the perfect surface for pets large and small. This system offers a number of benefits that will keep both you and your four-legged friend happy !!

Here is what we mean when we say our Artificial Grass for Pets System is both pet and owner friendly:

  • No dirt or mud to be tracked into your home
  • No discolored brown or yellow spots of dead grass caused by pet urine
  • No digging, which means no holes in your yard
  • No rain build up or water pooling issues with optimal drainage at a rate of 90Ltrs per hour
  • No pests such as fleas or ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease
  • Odor control through the incorporation of Antibacterial & Anti mildew Agents
  • No Moles Worms or Insects.
  • Plus, we feature additional security upgrades that are available to enhance your custom designed dog run or pet turf play area.



PIMCO® Wilmott


£18.00 £14.50


PIMCO® Lily Gold 25mm


£19.00 £13.95


PIMCO® Lily Gold 30mm


£25.00 £14.50


PIMCO® Laurel 25mm


£13.00 £12.25


PIMCO® Arizona 28 mm


£18.00 £12.25


PIMCO® Boston 30 mm


£22.00 £14.25

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