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Rolling Ruby” Fescue Supreme is a truly lovely application of grass, without doubt the best seller throughout Ireland and UK. features not only one of the strongest Synthetic fibers in the industry, but it also showcases olive green color tone paired with brown thatch.

Rolling Ruby Fescue Supreme has an open ‘V’ shaped turf blade which allows for a considerable amount of foot traffic. This product is ideal for any residential property

Product Name Rolling Ruby- 30-35mm


  • Manufacturing process Tufting. Application Landscaping
  • Yarn Material: Straight Yarn: PE C shape monofilament Anti-UV PP monofilament Anti-UV fiber
  • Yarn Count (Dtex) 13000 Primary Backing Cloth PP+PP: Coating Latex appr.800 g/m2
  • Water permeability 60L/min/m2 with 5mm perforation holes
  • Pile Height 30mm±5% Total Height About 32mm
  • Gauge 3/8inch (9.525mm) Stitch Rate 13 stitches/10cm Stitch Density 13650 stitches/m2
  • Fiber weight 1180 g/sqm (+/-10%) Total weight 2150 g/sqm (+/-10%)
  • Color: Straight Yarn: dark green + light green: Curly Yarn: brown + coffee
  • Roll Width: 4m Roll Length 35m
  • Permanence Against UV Rays
  • Warranty time 6 years

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