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Sapphire Elite Plus: Ideal for the lawn area exposed to plenty of traffic. ‘Sapphire Elite Plus contains a double root system and a triple yarn design with maximum resistance to collapsing under pressure. Under traffic, Elite Plus retains its appearance as one of the most realistic synthetic grass products you’ll ever see. Perfect for the play area and children.


  • Revolutionary double root system minimizes
  • likelihood of yarn collapsing. Provides maximum resistance to traffic.
  • Roll lengths cut to size and delivered. (broadloom meter widths not adjustable).
  • 100% European owned and manufactured with genuine 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Ultra-hard wearing whilst retaining realistic look.
  • Superior weight and volume of yarn resulting in minimal infill requirements, simplicity of DIY installation and cost savings.
  • Industry leading tuft lock rates.
  • Weather resistant – Heat and frost. UV Stabilized


Warranty Advice: Sapphire Elite Plus comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty protecting the consumers product against UV Protection failure, manufacturers workmanship, primary and secondary backing failure, unreasonable product deterioration under normal usage circumstances. This warranty does not cover misuse, negligence, incorrect installation methods or use of non-specified chemicals on the surface.

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