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PIMCO® Childrens Play Areas (Recreational)

Playground Grass and Artificial Grass for Kids’ Play Areas

Artificial grass is replacing natural grass in many school and home playgrounds and play areas across the country. Traditional grass playground is difficult to maintain and can prove expensive in repairs and ongoing maintenance tasks like mowing, patching and other repairs. PIMCO artificial grass playing surface is far cleaner, safer and far more comfortable and forgiving than a natural grass surface, particularly a natural grass surface which is badly worn and in need of repair.


Let’s look at the key benefits more closely.



Kids like nothing more than to run around and roll around, often barefooted. PIMCO products utilize a blade system which is soft and gentle on the skin. It has a much more comfortable feel underfoot than conventional grass, particularly when the grass is worn and patchy. When installed following our directions, it is also springier and more comfortable underfoot than natural grass.

PIMCO® Childrens Play Areas (Recreational)


Many people are mistaken in thinking that a synthetic grass blade might be like nylon and cut/burn or scrape the skin when your child takes a tumble on the grass. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our grass blades are designed to be safe and not cause cuts or abrasions. Since many sporting facilities utilize PIMCO Super Series, it’s critical that the artificial grass surfaces are safe and durable. Also, for playground areas we recommend an under-surface which is more forgiving, so falling on an artificial grass play area actually provides a cushioning effect superior to that of natural grass. All our playground grass is shock-pad installed. Which means we install a 10mm membrane specially for absorption, this gives peace of mind if children do trip or fall.


Artificial grass products are also free from chemicals, including lead. If you consider a natural lawn in the context of it being a play area for kids, then you have chemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides which are in continual contact with the skin. These chemicals are absorbed by clothing and remain in contact with the skin long after your child has finished playing outdoors. With an artificial lawn you do not have to worry about your child’s safety in this regard. Also, synthetic grass is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, it is impervious to molds and fungi which can cause allergy problems in susceptible children.



Artificial Grass is the perfect surface for playgrounds and play areas. It is a high-durability surface designed specifically for frequent use in harsh environments. The surface will not wear in the way that a natural lawn wears, it will not become patchy and muddy. PIMCOs super series artificial lawn products are designed with longevity in mind. We understand that the initial investment is higher than a natural lawn and that they pay-back will be realized each year as you see the benefits of eliminated maintenance costs, so it’s important that this financial pay-back continues over many years. That’s why our products typically have an active life of up to 15 years, depending on the degree of foot traffic and type of use.

PIMCO® Childrens Play Areas (Recreational)

PIMCO Artificial Turf Company

All in all, an artificial grass playground makes far more practical and financial sense than traditional grass. If the playground area is in your yard, and visible from your property, then it also makes complete aesthetic sense too, since you won’t be looking at a muddy battlefield through your windows!



A poorly planned or executed installation can result in problems down the line. When we sell a playground grass system, we generally do so under one of the following conditions –


1 – We simply supply you with the grass for DIY installation, along with the necessary instructions on how to prepare the ground and how to install the product.

(Actually, we support free of charge, a detailed installation guide and fixing materials to go with it)


2 – We supply the grass and you work with a local contractor for installation. This is the most common approach to working with our products. We can either install the grass for you, or we can connect you directly with lantra licensed Landscaping company in your area. We have several Installation Contractors from whom we can choose in and around the northwest and nationwide.


3 – PIMCO can provide the grass and provide a team of installation experts to install at your location. We have crews covering North west Midlands Scotland Ireland, even in europe.


The route you take will generally be determined by the sqm of the area to be grassed, the complexity of the surface to be grassed, and your own attitude towards DIY projects in general. If you’re a keen DIY perosn then in most instances, installing an artificial grass playground area should be an acceptable challenge for you.


If you decide to go it alone then we can help you plan out the project and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Obviously, ground preparation is key to a successful installation, which includes overcoming any issues surrounding drainage. If you feel that an artificial grass playground or play area would be a good fit for you and your kids, contact us today for more information. It’s important to us that you are completely satisfied with our products and service and we’ll do all in our power to ensure your experience with PIMCO© artificial grass products is a positive one.

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