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PIMCO® Parks Sports Fields Recreational



Football Pitches:

Why should we choose Synthetic Grass for football fields? PIMCO Weather-Proof Consistency (WPC) supply and install the most natural-looking artificial football fields that perform beyond expectations in any weather conditions. Slip-free, long-lasting, safe and above all – comfortable, come rain or shine. Don’t let water-logged fields and dead spaces get your team down.Your PIMCO Synthetic Lawns football pitch will boost your sporting environment’s aesthetics, enjoyment and productivity. No matter the season



Cricket Pitches:

The quality, condition and durability of a cricket pitch has far-reaching impacts on the performance of players. But in a world with ever-changing weather conditions and so much foot traffic, it can often be hard to keep cricket pitches looking neat and lush. That’s why the cricket industry is turning to artificial surfaces for their good looks, evergreen conditions, high levels of comfort, and easy maintenance.From national competitive levels to home recreational fun, PIMCO Synthetic Lawns specializes in supplying and installing sporting artificial turf for cricket pitches. With only the highest-quality surfaces and decades of expertise behind us, we look forward to helping you transform your sporting environment and improve the space for all involved!




Tennis Court:

Synthetic grass complements consistency in our tennis court surfaces respond consistently under all weather conditions and all competitive levels. We use products that differ in surface speed to suit all players choices, from SLOW to FAST.


Our turf courts are durable and continue to look good without cracking or splitting into thin layers. Thus; allowing you to improve your tennis skills and fitness levels on a consistent, durable surface. All products come with factory in-build lines and we supply them along with the longest warranty available.


All-weather surface

At PIMCO Synthetic Lawns, we supply and install natural, lush looking artificial tennis courts that are slip-free when wet, as well as hard-wearing, safe, and comfortable to play on, irrespective of the weather.


Value for money

A synthetic grass tennis court installed by PIMCO Synthetic Lawns is an extremely cost-effective long-term investment. There is no maintenance required once the product is installed, providing you with years of enjoyment without the work.

Playground’s Parks & Schools:

The new generation of playground surfaces!

PIMCO Synthetic Lawns’ artificial grass for Playground’s Parks & Schools is lush, beautiful artificial grass that is safe to play on, soft to fall on, and cost effective. Our playgrounds can be played on all year round and are safe and durable.


Benefits of installing Synthetic Grass

​Durable, safe, and healthy, Our Artificial grass withstands the damage from high foot-traffic without wearing out as natural grass does. It is also softer than dirt playgrounds, keeping children safe when they fall. Our synthetic playing fields are comfortable, and they are easy on growing kids when they play sport. PIMCO Synthetic Lawns’ products do not contain any poisonous chemicals when they are manufactured; ergo, they are non-toxic and safe for children to play on.



The end product we install here at PIMCO Synthetic Lawns requires very little maintenance. It does not need to be mowed, watered, or treated with growth-enhancing chemicals. It also does not create mud or dust, and it does not die where there is a drought or water shortage.




Our installations are very well-priced; we do not work off a set square metre rate but assess each individual space. This means that larger spaces can be installed more economical, offering great value for money on artificial grass for playgrounds.

Our installations are very well-priced; we do not work off a set square metre rate but assess each individual space. This means that larger spaces can be installed more economical, offering great value for money on artificial grass for playgrounds.


Environmentally friendly

Here at PIMCO AGL we use recycled materials where possible. no hazardous substances and chemicals are used during the manufacturing and installation process of the grass, rainwater is not contaminated with poisonous materials drain into the natural water resources.


Unrivalled safety and durability

Synthetic grass is unmatched in terms of long-lasting performance, cleanliness and safety. Soft underfoot surfaces keep active bodies supported, no matter their age, enabling them to give practices and matches their best effort without fearing a hard, painful fall. At PIMCO Synthetic Lawns, we only supply non-toxic surfaces, making them safe for all levels of players.


No maintenance for less money

No mowing, growing and fixing up required with our maintenance-free fake grass for football. Save water, save power and save all-important attention with evergreen surfaces that don’t need intervention – including no growth-enhancing chemicals!

Our football field surfacing is competitively priced, helping you to upgrade your facilities without exceeding cost limits. Don’t forget, whatever you put in, you’ll receive in return with unparalleled value for money.


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Product Description:

  • Pile heights: Between 13mm and 45mm Depending on Sport use (Over seven (7) Different Types of Product for each sports use)
  • Gauge: 3/8
  • Stitches/m2: 31900 - 81400
  • Stitch per meter: 220 up to 440
  • Backing cloth: Double PP LATEX SBR
  • Designed for Sporting and Recreational Applications.
  • Excellent drainage reduction on all applications
  • ISO 9001 ISO 14001 tested to be free of harmful chemicals
  • 7 -15 Year -year warranties depending on Sport use and Installation.
  • UV stabilized will resist fading from sunlight


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